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Buy, pay, earn, learn, spend and borrow—all in one super app.

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Convenience and Control

The first platform in the world with a custodial bank account and
a self-custodial Lightning wallet, all in one single app

  • exchange iconExchange Account

    Custodial bank account,
    for both BTC and USD

    exchange wallet
    exchange wallet
  • exchange iconFlash Wallet

    Self custodial Lightning wallet,
    no KYC required

    flash wallet
    flash wallet

Buy Bitcoin

Satoshi makes it easy to acquire
the world’s best money

  • Instant Purchases

    Buy Bitcoin in small and large amounts

    Bitcoin image 1
    Bitcoin image 1
  • Recurring Purchases

    Auto buy Bitcoin hourly, daily, weekly or monthly

    Bitcoin image 2Bitcoin image 2

Pay Anyone

Send money over the lightning
network to anyone,
anywhere in the world.

  • Lightning Fast Payments

    Pay anyone instantly over the lightning network

    Bitcoin image 1
    Pay image 1 Mobile
  • Custom Usernames

    Choose your @ and pay with LNURL

    Bitcoin image 1
    Pay image 2 Mobile
  • Contacts

    Add friends to pay again.

    Bitcoin image 1
    Pay image 3 Mobile
  • Pay & Request

    Send or receive money in one click.

    Bitcoin image 1
    Pay image 4 Mobile
  • Free to receive

    Receive money for free with us.

    Pay image 5
    Pay image 5 Mobile


Great incentives lead
to great outcomes

  • Earn Satsback Everyday

    Everything you do on Satoshi from buying Bitcoin to
    sending it over lightning increases your earn rate.

    Bitcoin image 1
    Earn image 1 Mobile
  • Refer & earn, Forever

    If you refer someone, you will earn 21% of their fees
    to Satoshi for life.

    Bitcoin image 1
    Earn image 2 Mobile
  • Streak

    Keep your streak alive
    to earn more sats.

    Pay 3
    Earn image 3 Mobile
  • Rank

    Multiply your earn rate
    the higher you rank.

    Earn image 4 Mobile
  • Challenges

    Reach new levels and
    earn sats.

    Earn image 5 Mobile


It’s hard to find the right
content, we got you!

  • Only The Best Content

    We’ve hand curated the best Bitcoin content ever made.

    Bitcoin image 1
    Learn image 1 Mobile
  • Creators

    Browse the best videos of your
    favorite Bitcoin creators.

    Bitcoin image 1
    Learn image 2 Mobile
  • Education modules

    Designed to help you grow at
    any level of Bitcoin knowledge.

    Bitcoin image 1
    Learn image 3 Mobile


Spend sats on the things you
want with most merchants

  • Satoshi Card

    Spend satoshi’s on the things you want

    Bitcoin image 1
    Spend image 1 Mobile
  • Earn Cashback

    Get cashback in Bitcoin with every swipe

    Bitcoin image 1
    Spend image 2 Mobile
Icon Borrow


Use your Bitcoin as collateral
to borrow dollars

  • Avoid Selling Your Bitcoin

    Use your sats as collateral

    Borrow image 1
    Borrow image 1 Mobile
  • Borrow Dollars

    24/7 access to US dollars

    Borrow image 1
    Borrow image 2 Mobile
  • Payback Loans Anytime

    Choose when you want to pay

    Borrow image 1
    Borrow image 3 Mobile

Frequently asked questions

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